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Why Full Circle Media & Author Promotions?

We grew sick and tired of hearing how other promotions companies fabricate "truths" to get authors' money and then don’t deliver on their promises. You can think of us as your publishing and promotions partner. Whether you just need a little guidance or need us to take on several tasks, we are here for you. There are things you as an author can do to help yourself, too. Likely you’ve been told different.

There is a myth that says authors can't do their own promotions. We beg to differ. While there are some things authors cannot do because they don't have the skill set, there are many things they MUST do to promote themselves and their work. No matter what level you’re at as an author or how well known you are, you will find yourself promoting your work. There are exceptions, of course, but they are few and far between. If you don’t know what to do, let us teach you. If you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and do some of the hard work, great! We’d love to work with you. If, however, you simply don’t have time to promote your book, we will happily do it for you.

We’ve heard all sorts of horror stories from authors, and we’re here to help you avoid the same. We want your stories to be of successes in your book adventure.

If you have questions, we invite you to contact us to schedule a consultation. Better yet, become a member of our Authors’ Information Vault and stay in the know. We’ve loaded our VAULT with extremely useful how-to guides and information pieces for two purposes… to help you write better and to help you sell more books. Learn more.

Myth #1

You need a five-page website. (No, you don't. Unless you have several books and a following or you have a full program or package of offerings you need a one-page “bounce” site with robust SEO in combination with organic growth that comes from interfacing with readers and that leads visitors to learn more about you, find your books on trusted retail sites and maybe even read a few of those blog pieces you worked so hard on that few people see.)

Myth #4

Self-publishing isn't viewed in a positive light. (Hello? Have you read the headlines lately? Even some of the best-known authors are taking themselves through publishing now. There's a reason for that. We won't tell you that you'll have the success they do, but we will say that publishing has changed and continues to change. E-books are increasing in popularity. Readers love their mobile reading devices! However, your book sales success swings back to your interactive marketing skills. Once your e-book is out there, what next? And, BTW, do you know how to self-publish and which companies to trust? We do. We’ve been doing this a long time.)

Myth #7

The publisher will promote your book. (No. That’s a big nugatory. Publishers publish; promotions companies and professionals promote. A publisher either shares the printing and distribution costs with you or covers them, depending on the type of publishing house they happen to be. Do you know the types of publishers and how they work with you? Do you know the publishing process and who pays what to whom?)

Myth #10

Social media won’t help you sell your book. (Okay, that’s partially true. It’s all in HOW you run your social media campaign. If you act like Facebook is your personal bulletin board and you keep posting on people’s pages about your book without being invited, you likely won’t gain sales. No one likes this sort of thing. If you aren’t engaging people, what’s the point? If you aren’t remotely interested in other people and what they’re doing, why should they be interested in you? There is a way to go about social media to make it work better for you. It isn’t in the number of friends either. It isn’t on the number of social media sites you’re on. There are tactics. Simple, honest tactics you need to learn. Let us teach you. You might be amazed to see a spike in sales when you follow our guidance.)

Myth #2

You can't do any of your own marketing. (Wrong. You MUST be involved in your own marketing. As a lot of author-promotion sites will tell you… you wrote the book... now what? There are things you absolutely must do yourself to make your book a success. The rest we can help you with at affordable rates.)

Myth #5

You don't need a marketing plan. (Yes, you do. While it's fun sometimes to fly by the seat of your pants, it is better to have a plan. Even if that's a minimalist plan, you need to create action steps. Success doesn't just happen. It takes planning and some luck. But you know what they say... Luck is where opportunity meets preparation. If you don’t know how to write a plan, contact us. We can work with you to develop one to fit your needs. If you are approaching agents, you need a more robust plan. If it’s just to keep you on track, we can guide you. It’s not brain surgery; it’s common sense.)

Myth #8

No one is buying your book because it’s not on the big bookstore shelves across the country. (Wrong. It is estimated that about 80% of book purchases are now made online. While your book SHOULD be in the Ingram/Baker & Taylor distribution network, that doesn’t mean it has to be on store shelves. If it’s in the big distribution chain, readers can walk into a Barnes & Noble anywhere and order your book. It may not be on the shelves in the store, but through special order it will be soon on the shelf behind the cash register. AND your book is widely available online wherever books are sold.)

Myth #3

You can't book yourself into signings and events. (Yes, you can. Again, it boils down to good phone and communication skills. Beyond that, you need to know-how to approach bookstore agents as well as what to say and what to expect. If you don't know the process, you better learn from someone who does know… Like us.)

Myth #6

You can't do your own PR. (Wrong again. While it is advisable to have a specially trained writer/PR rep who has been in the PR industry for a long time – don’t hire anyone who is wet behind the ears – write your press releases and advise you on what to do, you can actually get on the phone yourself – make sure you have the proper phone and communication skills – and get pretty far with editors and producers of radio and TV. However, radio isn't going to sell a lot of books unless the show is online and the listener's button-pushing finger is poised to hit the BUY button. Let’s talk.)

Myth #9

Your book must be in print to do well. (Refer to MYTH #4. With the advent of e-books came e-book success stories beyond writers’ wildest dreams! Take for example Amanda Hocking’s books. That author landed a three-book deal with a large publishing house and a fat advance. She started online with e-books and marketed herself wisely. She will be the first to tell you that her writing skills needed some improvement and that she didn’t intend her success, but she got it anyway. And what about Fifty Shades of Grey? Research that title and see where author E. L. James first placed the book. We’re not saying that you will have the success these authors have had, but you have just as much of a chance. Luck does play into it; being in the right place at the right time helps. What you do in pre-marketing and continuous marketing absolutely makes a difference. Talk to us.)

COPYRIGHT DISCLAIMER: All content contained on this website is copyrighted. Not that we should have to tell you this, but all content written by any member of Full Circle Media & Author Promotions is ours and cannot be re-purposed by readers without express permission from us. The articles and information provided herein are intended to educate and to guide authors in making good decisions in their book promotions efforts. If you want to reprint or otherwise use our information, contact us first. Articles contributed by other industry insiders may not be used without their express permission. There is no grey area on this point.