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Author Shop

Welcome to FCM's Author Shop, where you'll find common-sense products created to help you promote your book. Take a look at our cool new FCM Author TOTE™! The message generates conversation.

Author Bags

"I'm an AUTHOR! Ask me about my book." People love talking to writers. They want to learn about your book!

The handy pocket(s) allow you to carry a copy of your book, ready to give or sell at any moment, along with bookmarks and other handouts. This common-sense approach works. BUT KEEP YOUR ELEVATOR PITCH SHORT.

Buy one or a whole set. Take 'em with you to the grocery store and showcase your work. (And you'll be doing your part to save the planet!)

Made of non-woven polypropylene – 85GSM Designed to be used in place of plastic grocery or shopping bags 100% recyclable Reusable and hand washable Reinforced 20'' handles and front pocket 10'' side/bottom gussets with contrasting covered cardboard bottom insert. Item dimensions: 13''w x 15''h x 10''d with 20'' long handles. Imprint size and location option(s): 8''w x 6''h on front pocket 6-1/2''w x 9''h on back 6'' sq. on gusset 7''w x 1/2''h on handles – one color only.

IN FACT, we can have three color options: Off White with full-color graphic, Wine with white graphic (featured at front) and Eye-Catching Lime Green with full-color graphic!
$9.99 + $5 s/h (U.S. only)

Choose your design!
"Flying Letters" or the "FCM Logo" option.

Don't forget your Xtreme Author App™ and eBobblehead™! These are fun and clever ways to share your work.

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